Biography Dono Warkop Jakarta - Indonesian Comedian

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Biography Dono Warkop Jakarta - Indonesian Comedian - Full name Drs. H. Revelation Sardono or known as Dono Warkop, he was born in Solo, Central Java, 30 September 1951, he was the fourth child of seven brothers. He is known as the comedian of the group as a casino comedy Warkop Establishments and Indro. Dono Warkop menenyam childhood education in elementary school 1 kebon palace later after graduating from junior high school he entered the country on 1 Kebon Dalem, 3 years of education at the junior gardener Dalem he then continued his education at the state high school 3 Surakarta majored in Social Studies (IPS), in high school he was active in school organizations, proved that he had become the head of OSS in schools. After luluas SMA SMA dar 3 Surakarta, Dono wakop also went to Jakarta to continue their education at universities in Jakarta, he took the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia, Dono Warkop also active in student organizations such as Mapala UI.

After graduating from college he was also believed to be an Assistant Lecturer Department of Sociology Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia, at the same university Dono is also a Lecturer of Sociology Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. Outside the campus activities, Dono Warkop also a broadcaster Radio Geronimo, hence the origin of the formation phenomenal comedy group "Warkop Establishments" which was originally named Warkop Geronimo originally formed by Nanu (Nanu Mulyono), Rudy (Rudy Badil), Dono (Wahjoe Sardono ), Casino (Casino Hadiwibowo) and Indro (Indrodjojo Kusumonegoro), who later became famous for Warkop administration fronted by Dono, Kasino and Indro. Nanu, Rudy, Dono and Kasino is a student at the University of Indonesia (UI), Jakarta Indro while studying at the University of Pancasila, Jakarta.

They first achieved success in the events through Casual Chat Coffee Shop which is the claim of the Temmy Lesanpura, Head of Programming Radio Geronimo. Events jokes every Friday night between 20:30 pm to 21:15 pm, radio broadcast regionally-based Geronimo Mendut, Prambanan, Borobudur, aka Uptown Menteng. The initial idea came from a chat Warkop Geronimo Geronimo dedengkot radio, Temmy Lesanpura. Radio Geronimo asked Hariman Siregar, dedengkot UI students to complete the event in Geronimo. Hariman also pointed Casino and Nanu, the comedian in the UI campus to complete this event. This idea was immediately supported by the Casino, Nanu, and Rudy Badil, followed by Dono and Indro. Rudy Warkop originally joined while still broadcast radio, not daring to take part in making jokes Warkop stage, because the fever stage (stage fright). Dono was initially the first few minutes during a gig mojok first, because it is still shy and afraid. After a few minutes, then Dono start participating and start at home, until the craze continues until the end of the duration of the joke. Indro is the youngest member, while the other members have occupied Warkop college, Indro still high school students.
Biography Dono Warkop Jakarta - Indonesian Comedian
Warkop first appeared in a farewell party (if present prom nite) SMA IX held at Hotel Indonesia. All personnel shaking, aka stage fright, and the result is arguably just passable, not too successful. But events in 1976 was the first time Warkop receive an honorarium in the form of transport allowance amounting to 20,000. The money was perceived by personnel Warkop immense, but finally discharged to menraktir eat their friends. Their next gig at the Tropicana. Before the stage, the entire personnel mumble and chills, but the result was again
passable. Musical at the New Terminal (Mus Mualim care), group Warkop new Geronimo was actually born as a new star in the world of comedy Indonesia. Musical Events terminal itself not only gave birth to Warkop but also help introduce the PSP group (Arc Light torches), which neighbors Warkop. Since then they started skyrocketing salaries, about $ 1,000,000 per show or shared four people, each person gets no pitch go ceng (USD 250,000).

They also became known by the name of Dono-Kasino-Indro or administration (which is a pun of the abbreviation Raya). This is because their names before Warkop Geronimo has its own consequences. As long as they used the name Geronimo Warkop, then they should send royalties to Radio Geronimo as the owner of the name Geronimo. So then they changed their name to Warkop administration, to stop the practice of tributes that. After being on stage and talk in the air, Warkop started making comedy films are always in demand seen by the public. From filmlah Warkop personnel begin to reap the abundant wealth. With a salary of Rp 15 million per movie for a group, they were flooded with money, because every year they starred in at least two films in the 1980s and 1990s who at that time was always played as an AD movie New Year and welcome the Day Eid al-Fitr in almost all the major theaters across Indonesia.

Of all the personnel Warkop, Dono is probably the most intelligent, though it is rather the opposite of the profile face of the 'rustic' it. Dono Dono even Warkop also often hosted at campus events or weddings campus colleagues. Casinos also graduated from the Faculty of Social. In addition to comedy, they also had been in the world of nature lovers. Until the end of his life Nanu, Dono, Kasino and recorded as a member of nature lovers Mapala UI.

Dono Warkop married to Titi Kusumawardhani, Dono Warkop from this marriage was blessed with three children named Andie Aria Sena, Advanced Resin and Satrio Wicaksono Sarwo Trengginas. Dono Warkop alone has dozens of titles membintai comedy that carries his name soared with personnel administration Warkop others in the entertainment universe Indonesia in the 90's. World Lawak back country mourned when, on December 30, 2001 Dono Warkop died at Hospital Saint Carolus Hospital, Central Jakarta, about 01.00 pm after previously abandoned by another personnel administration Casinos Warkop who died in 1997. Dono Warkop deceased died akibar tumor disease in the buttocks and has spread to lung cancer late-stage, and attacking the liver, Dono Warkop died peacefully, in addition to his best friend, Indrojoyo Kusumonegoro. He was buried in Park Cemetery Land coachman, South Jakarta. Senior members of the funeral procession comedian Warkop this administration really touching. Thousands of mourners participated tears in his eyes because not hold sadness to see him go. Personnel Today Warkop just stay Indro DKI Jakarta.

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